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I wanted to make my girlfriend happy to feel special , I got her 48 flowers I don’t know why 48 but it sound good to me . I love you Jackie you make feel good , forgetting my past like it never happen your there when I have my moments of sad\depression always end up cheering. Me up. It’s nice having you near my bedside waking up to you knowing I have someone special. I love you Jackie

Harly ever Post but ill give you a update :)

Well lately been working a lot saving money for my future. And this Sunday well Tuesday is Jackie(GF) and I anniversary but we are celebrating it on Sunday since she has school on the weekdays. Later once she’s done with school and has a job and I Save up for apartment and a car and well settles and we planning in moving in together ands if all plans come together. Later way later saving up for marriage weird  huh but who knows if are still together but lately its been great im in love with her haven’t been like this in a long time. I hope this dream comes true but right now its a dream which im ok with it for right now. Later today or mostly tomorrow ill post pic’s 

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